2021 New Folding Portable Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair With Rubber Track

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This electric stair climbing wheelchair can load 169kg down stairs without carrying or lifting,it also easy for you glide up stairs,it will help you a lot if there are someone inconvenient like keen injury,elderly, handicapped,no limit of the stairs,wooden,metal,concrete etc.
With our chair,they can enjoy sunshine every day.

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1. The material for frame is aluminium pipe ;high-strength painting and dull polishing make the frame more fantastic.

2. Water-proof and fire-proof Nylon material seat and back. We considering your comfort and safe all the time.

3. Adjustable climbing angle,can suit for many kinds of the stairs.

4. 82cm strength track,you can stop on the stairs stable.

5. Intelligent electromagnetic break system,when the tracks on three stairs,you can stop after your hand leave the controller panel.

the break


Model No. EXC-3001
Overall Size 135*56*60cm
Folded Size 106*57*38cm
Seat Size 47*42cm
Carton Package size 110*60*41cm
N.W 34KG
G.W 45KG
Loading weight 169KG
Motor 120w
Battery Lithium battery  24V*15A
The height between seat and ground 48cm
Front wheel 10cm dia
Rear wheel 12.5cm dia
Endurance Up or down staris 80 floors
Speed 40 stairs per min
Radius of turning circle 1M
Charge time 3-5Hours



1.The folded size is 106*57*38cm,you can put it into trunk of most of car.The net weight is only 34kg ,29kg without battery.It’s

also used in public for emergency stair stretcher for helping people up and down stairs.The lightweight wheelchair can be handed in the wall,or put into emergency box.So that when someone need it,people can take it as fast as possible.

2.The frame is new design,can be used as a manual wheelchair after climbing the stairs.Turn on the power of the battery,you can start lifting.No need assemble something else.



1.Three angles of the stair climber wheelchair,suit for almost all the stairs climbing.Any information you need ,please contact us.

the lock for the track

2. Lock the track when use it as a standard wheelchair.Push the red handle open the track frame before stair lifting.

lock pushing handle

3.The adjustable height of this stair climbing wheelchair design for suiting different people.
The pushing handle can be locked,the battery also can be locked,the breaker on the rear wheel,two seat blets.We consider your safe first.

PVC head rest
urgent handle

4.The seat cushion removed easily for cleaning,two belts for your safe.Please make sure the seat belts are working before lifting.

5.PVC head rest.Easily clean and comfortable.

6.When the power is empty,pull out the handle under the footrest.The electric stair climbing wheelchair can be a stretcher.

urgent handle

7.13AH lithium battery ,3500 steps in one time charge.120W motor for strong power.

15ah lithium battery

8.When folded,the size is small and lightweight.A female can lift it easily.And also can put into trunk.

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